Beytaş Glass Inc. has been operating in İnegöl since 1998, providing services in the GLASS and MIRROR sector. After establishing its presence, the company has been steadily expanding, driven by a commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction.

Spanning a 6,500 m2 closed area, Beytaş Glass Inc. boasts a highly modern infrastructure and facilities, having invested significantly in technology and research and development.

Our quality policy is centered on meeting consumer needs in alignment with customer preferences.

Moreover, our aspiration is to pioneer innovative approaches in the global market.

As part of its journey to become a recognized brand, Beytaş Glass Inc. is actively pursuing institutionalization and holds all relevant quality certificates, including ISO 9001.

The company excels in transforming glass and mirrors into art using advanced CNC machines, catering primarily to the furniture sector while swiftly increasing its capacity.

Introducing novel painting and serial graphic printing techniques to the market, Beytaş Glass Inc. consistently offers robust support to its customers in research and design endeavors.

Operating with 80% imported technological machines and utilizing 80% local raw materials, Beytaş Glass Inc. not only ensures quality but also enhances it with imported glass and mirrors.

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